Monday, September 23, 2013

"The Kids Are All Right" Criticism

During Zach Wahls's private talk with our class, one of the questions was about media coverage of LGBT families. He mentioned a few movies and TV shows, and seemed especially critical of the 2010 movie The Kids Are All Right. The movie focuses on a lesbian couple raising two teenagers and how they cope with meeting and interacting with their sperm donor. I recalled seeing the movie in theaters, but honestly couldn't remember if I had any problems with its depiction of the family.

After doing some research, I found this Huffington Post article criticizing the movie, and I thought it was a really interesting read.

In summary, the author of the article, Joan Garry, takes issue with the film's implication that lesbian families ultimately need men to be complete. I won't say any more in this post in case I spoil the plot for anyone, but read the article if you've seen the movie! In case you haven't seen it but want to, the movie was also recently posted on Netflix Instant.

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